With a skewed observational eye and the ability to approach seemingly ordinary subjects from extraordinary angles, Justin strikes the perfect balance between the relatable and the outrageous. His tales of relationships, parenthood, and life in general are raw, honest, and above all funny.


Justin started performing in 2009 and is currently doing/has done full weekend work for the likes of


The Backyard Comedy Club


The Comedy Café

Up The Creek

plus many more such as

The Comedy Bunker, Hecklers, Out Of Bounds, Big Cheese, House of Stand Up, Mirth Control etc.

Experienced and happy to play smaller rooms, busy weekend clubs, theatres, sports/social clubs or corporates whether it be opening, middling, closing or MC.

‘He sees that thin line, and he runs towards it at full speed, but stops in just time to avoid seriously getting anyone’s nose out of joint. Close to crying with laughter. Raw. Honest. Funny’

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